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Skeemsaam| Viewers react to tonight's episode

The Seakamela should accept Leshole's apology he was just put in a tight spot he's now standing for the truth


#SkeemSaam Leshole is such a good guy, even after all those years of altercations with pretty and ma-ntuli he still sees the right thing.

Nimza is crazy I wonder how would he feel if Rachel/Linda was violated in the same way.. His ego is way too big and it will make him suffer soon. #SkeemSaam

Why all of a Sunday the writer introduce Sihle? Does the writer wants Sihle to destroy Mapitsi's wedding.#SkeemSaam

#SkeemSaam Leshole is a great guy Shem even after all these years of being ill-treated by Pretty and Mantuli!!

Well it’s a vivid representation of how sexual harassment cases are handled and the time it takes for the perpetrators to be held accountable in SA . #Skeemsaam a se fiction ya ko Gomora.

Leshole is good friend and he's getting matured day by day, he realised that Nimrod is guilty, he gave him a friendly advice...

"just apologise to Pretty and community" then case closed..

Pride of Celia and Nimrod will cost his career.


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