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Husband and wife relationship

Lindiwe tries to settle things with her husband tonight on Scandal



It looks like Lindiwe is starting to learn from her mistake because tonight will be the day that she will make a huge decision that will have a huge impact on her marriage, after a long time of sufferings and betrayals that we're caused by arrogant Mdala who will do anything to make sure he gets Nhlamulo on his hands.

It has been a difficult moment for Nhlamolo who looks weaker to defend himself from Mdala because of the resources that he has and the power of owning other people, but Lindiwe has to think otherwise because if she doesn't come up with a plan to stay away from him she might be caught on human trafficking.

With a lot of activities happening in the club Mdala's wife is starting to be irritated about this whole chaos.

Because she can't ignore when Lindiwe is sleeping with her husband which has caused a huge blow for them.

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Lindiwe Nhlamolo


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