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The River: It is no longer the same without Lindiwe Dikana in the Dikana mansion

There's no doubt that The River is the most favorite TV drama in Mzanzi, but without the boss lady, Lindiwe Dikana in the Dikana house, The River is no longer the same.

It looks like the powerful Lindiwe Dikana has changed into somebody else since she joined MamFlora at Refiloe. Seeing her so powerless made The River boring and it is no longer the same. People are used to the scheming, heartless and fearless Lindiwe and the current one is not doing any justice to our favorite actress.

Mr Dikana must forgive his wife the mother of his two children and bring her home. Lindiwe was born to be madam, not a beggar. No one can replace her in the Dikana house, not even Gail Mathabatha. Khanyisa mine and the Dikana mansion need Lindiwe's touch, otherwise The River will loose some of its viewers, trust me.

The River should give its viewers the best, we want Madlamini to go out there and do what is expected from her, which is scheming and killing the innocent people of Refiloe. Locking herself up in MamFlora's shack all day long doesn't help us at all.

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