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Domestic violence || Rapper Tyga Was Arrested For Beating His Ex Girlfriend

The press has exaggerated US rapper Tyga's scandalous three-year romance with TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. Tyga was arrested after he turned himself in to Los Angeles police following allegations of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend. It looks like Tyga has been fired for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend, model Camaryn Swanson.    Show Source Texts

Tyga has reportedly turned himself in to the LAPD to counter allegations that he physically assaulted an ex-girlfriend and posted pictures of her alleged injuries online, and we're told it's possible he was hit by a crime. According to a report from TMZ on Tuesday (October 12), Tyga was taken into custody for domestic violence after he surrendered to authorities after his girlfriend accused him of hurting her and injuring her eyes. He was arrested after refusing to speak to police when they went to his home on Monday morning.    Show Source Texts

Tyga plans to go to the LAPD on Tuesday morning so he can lay out his side of the story. Vulture reports that Tyga is expected to be released on bail today once the Los Angeles district attorney's office receives the case and decides whether to press charges against him. Tygas has not yet been arrested, but plans to go to police on Tuesday to tell his story.    Show Source Texts

Tyga refused to talk to police when they visited the home on Monday. Still, he visited the LAPD office on Tuesday to address the situation and the alleged allegations.    Show Source Texts

TMZ reports that Tyga's ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson was accused of beating up her ex during an argument early Monday morning at his home. Officers tried to speak to Tyga at his home on Monday, but he refused, TMZ reports.    Show Source Texts

Tyga's ex-girlfriend posted photos of the alleged injuries and accused him of assaulting her. Tyga's ex-girlfriend posted pictures of injuries she allegedly suffered at the rapper's hands following an incident in his house. Tyga was involved in an incident early Monday morning at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.   Show Source Texts

Tyga is facing assault charges after the ex-girlfriend said he put his hands on her on Monday morning at her home in California. The rapper was released from prison after hours in police custody after his ex accused him of raping her over the weekend.    Show Source Texts

She claimed he invited her to his home and a brawl broke out around 3am. The rapper, also known as Tyga, was arrested after a brawl allegedly broke out around 3am.    Show Source Texts

Rapper Tyga whose real name is Michael Stevenson has been booked on Tuesday morning by Los Angeles Police in connection with a domestic violence incident on Tuesday morning. Earlier, Tyga's ex, Camaryn Swanson, shared a photo of Tyga's face and hands. The rapper surrendered to L.A. police on Tuesday, October 12, amid allegations of domestic violence Tyga and his girlfriend were released after paying $50,000 bail.    Show Source Texts

Rapper Tyga has turned himself in to Los Angeles police after allegations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson. The rapper sat down with authorities to respond to allegations that he physically assaulted his ex in the early hours of Monday morning. TMZ claims that allegations of domestic violence are on the table.    Show Source Texts

Rapper Tyga reportedly got into a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson after she emerged screaming in his mansion in the middle of the night. She started screaming after turning up in the middle of the night at the flat where a brawl was supposed to be taking place.    Show Source Texts

He shared pictures of wounds and bruises on Instagram, claiming Tyga attacked her during a verbal altercation. Tyga turned himself in to police and faces allegations of domestic violence, according to TMZ.    Show Source Texts

In July 2013, Brown's probation was revoked after he was involved in an alleged rampage in Los Angeles. He was released from court and was due to reappear in August 2013, but later learned that not all of them had served jail time. In 2016, Tyga was banned from entering Australia, New Zealand and the UK because of his criminal record.    Show Source Texts

He was arrested at his concert on July 6, 2018, the night before, following an incident that occurred more than a year ago. The charge was related to an alleged assault on his then-fiancee, who was in the car with another man at the time.    Show Source Texts

In January 2013 Brown was involved in an argument with Frank Ocean over a parking space outside a recording studio in West Hollywood. Cameron Swanson caused a stir on social media when he posted a picture of his battered face and claimed he had been beaten by Young Money rapper Tyga. Cameron Swanson, who was arrested with Tyga, reportedly turned up at the rapper's Los Angeles home under the influence of alcohol early Monday morning.    Show Source Texts

Camaryn Swanson shared a photo of herself with her injuries on Instagram Stories shortly after. The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Swanson, was arrested on Monday morning.    Show Source Texts

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