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Alcohol Is A Problem Whether You Agree Or Not, Look At These Former Soccer Stars - Opinion

Pictures of former soccer stars were posted and captioned “ Alcohol is a problem whether you like it or not, it ruins careers.”

Some people did not like the fact that he used these former stars as an example, they feel like its insensitive.

They said that you would have made your point even without posting pictures of these greats. It’s no longer an advice but u making fun of these souls. They played their part, made names for themselves until life happened to them. Sometimes you look at a person and see a ‘ruined career.’

you don't know what caused that person's demise. Things like a name, being cursed and the list goes can be a major cause of careers to be ruined. People like this need support and be appreciated for their contribution rather being made fun of. They are depressed let's not...

Others believe that people make their own choices and it is not good to make excuses for such behaviour as it leads to more people being exposed to such thinking that it is a good thing.

These pictures are a good example at least it’s people who are known and those who are being LED astray might see this post and change their lives.

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