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The Unexpected: Will DJ Zinhle’s second baby take Bongani’s surname?

In this week’s episode, DJ Zinhle looks for guidance from her family about the naming of her and Bongani’s child.

Now that DJ Zinhle‘s second child is born, whose surname will she carry? That was the big question on the latest episode of her BET reality show. The DJ, who’s had great success in the music and business world, is fortunate to have brothers who always look out for her best interests and they seem to know a lot about what needs to be done in the Zulu culture.

Paying dowry for the child

During a conversation with her brothers, Zakhele and Zenzele, DJ Zinhle asked: “How does the surname thing work, because Kairo is a Forbes?”

Zenzele, who’s her younger brother, replied: “To my knowledge, you need to pay damages, and then you pay a dowry for the child. Only then can the child use the paternal surname.”

DJ Zinhle responds by saying she likes the idea of paying dowry for the child. “I love it when you [pay] lobola for the child. This would mean Kairo’s father paid dowry for Kairo? He asked for the use of his surname?”  

Zakhele advised that they shouldn’t jump the guy because they didn’t know if Bongani would go to their home or not.

“But if the guy [Bongani] does come, then we’ll sit down, talk about it, and have the damages paid,” he explained. He adds that if he wants the child’s surname to be changed to his, that would also need to be discussed. “Whether it’s dowry for the child or whatever it’s called… If you guys decided to get married, or whatever, then everything goes according to that.”

No marriage insight

In the same episode, DJ Zinhle reveals that she hasn’t told her mother about her pregnancy. “I don’t know how this will go because I’m busy making babies but there is no word about marriage. They will find solace in the damages being paid,” she told her housekeeper, Zama.

Oh, and it was rather shocking when she revealed that she hadn’t met her boyfriend’s family. “No one, not even a sister, nothing.” She said that’s why she needed to go see her mother so that she could give her details about how the whole process should be handled.

Watch DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected every Saturday on BET, DStv channel 129, and express to DStv online.


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