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Uzalo: Mxolisi is coming back again on uZalo to kill Sbonelo since Nosipho nearly got buried by him.

Mxolisi will be appearing on uZalo anytime soon. He'll back to kill Sbonelo and Nkunzi because he heard that they tried to bury his sister alive and that made him angry.

After Nkunzi and Sbonelo tried to bury Nosipho alive and then decided to let her go, Nosipho decide to call her brother Mxolisi and told him that Nkunzi and Sbonelo tried to kill her and she wants revenge. Her reason to call Mxolisi is because she needed his help to take down Nkunzi and his son Sbonelo. So Mxolisi agreed to do so as well too with Nosipho.

Uzalo decided not show that part where Nosipho called his brother because they wantend it to be a suprise to the viewers when Mxolisi shows up again. So the viewers must be ready for action and drama between the Gxabhashes and the Mhlongos on uZalo. Do not miss out the action.

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