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Meikie In Hot Water After The Judge Did This To Her. See Here

Meikie In Hot Water After The Judge Did This To Her

Meike deserves to rot in jail she's not remorseful at all I hate her. She is going straight to jail...her money won't help her this time. That mask thing was a strategy to desturbilise the defense because today on the verdict/sentencing they will bring Meikie's look alike woman n cover her with that mask. On 3 December goodbye Meikie no one is above the law. Jail is going to be a new home.

It's very hard to come from poor family because the well known wealthy family can pretend as if they're sick inside the court but outside the court they're no longer sick. I hope this court thing will come to the end by this week. I just wanna see how Marothi is going to react about the money that was scammed to his company. Honestly it's not Meikie's fault, she wasn't in her right mind when she shot Mantuli and Kwaito.She doesn't deserve to go to Jail, community service will do better.

Viewers don't wanna see Meike going to jail, Mantuli n John did her wrong, imagine if you were in her shoes. That Kwaito guy grew up sokoling very much, Lelo abused him a lot, everything that's happened in his life was very sad and everyone supported him and his mother. So in his mind he thinks everyone is on their side because they a poor. You can see his act around Maputla, can you believe that the guy wants Maputla to abondon his wife and support them. That's very law. If Meike goes to jail ,then justice will be not served. Yes money talks, you can't say, just because I'm poor I don't have money, this is the reason why they treating me". You can't blame people for working so hard to fill their pockets. See Thabo, the guy left his family just to make them that their future will be successful, but look at him the only thing he's good at is changing girls.

She must not go to jail. Yes I agree shooting them was wrong she should be punished yes, but imagine if you where in her shoes betryed by two people whom you love and trust. Meikie was supposed to be furious and she went there to stop Maputla not going to Scotland with Charity and unfortunately Zamokuhle and her mother was on the wrong place on the wrong time. Soo I cannot blame Meikie no one is perfect including you reading the post.

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