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Divorce Affair

It ended it tears after a side chick posted pictures of herself and a married man on Facebook

In these instances women are always blamed when majority of such relationships start because men approach them. It is the man cheating not the woman. Blame the man more.

This is why men get caught cheating alot more than women.

The man a woman cheats with will cooperate to ensure they don't get discovered.

The woman a man cheats with will want to replace the woman being cheated on. Just like the image below.

With that sad, cheating is wrong and I don't condone it.

A man that cheats is weak and can't stick to his word. Why commit & still cheat?

If you want multiple women,be upfront about it and give your woman the opportunity to leave of they aren't game with that.Don't sneak around.

If a man wants to go and explore his nature, that's fine, but he shouldn't commit to a single women and marry her and still hunt. You can't have it both ways. Unless he's in a polygamous marriage/open relationship, in that case, it's not cheating.

Women are honestly the biggest snitches, she probably knew he was married and just wanted to do that for attention.

I always say theres no woman who gets in a relationship with a married man without intentions.. They surrender at first at when time goes you'll see them devils.

You get involved with someone who's married and when things don't go your way you decide to put everything on a public platform with the hopes of embarrassing them, all for attention?

How do you expect another woman to respect your wife when you the first person who doesn't respect her? 

If you respect your wife no one else will disrespect her it's simple

Why does the side have to respect the person you don't respect?

When you are dating a Xhosa woman, you need to be busy with a couple of things in your life as a man not just being busy with her if you do otherwise you are going to suffer the repercussions for a life time.

Why is he cheating when he's married. She has nothing to lose, so yah anything goes when she's become this comfortable.

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