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Look How Much You Can Get Paid For Being An Extra On Scandal and SA Top Soapies / Opinion


Ever thought about being an extra on tv or kickstart your acting career but you have always wondered how much extras or background actors get paid on soapies.Today is your chance to found out.It has been finally revealed how much SA soapies pau their extras .See below .

Scandal is the highest payer with R350 a day and its also said that they give you food during the set .Generation is as stingy as their producer Mfundi Vundla and pays his extras R160 a day imagine that .Skeem Saam pays R250 a day .

The money is paid straight to you if you dont have an agent but if you do its paid to the agent. So thats means the agent will take its cut too from the R250 .

This money is little considering that you have to provide your own transport , you also have to provide your own food because most productions they dont give food to extras .Food is for permanent actors only and the production team .

This is a good side hustle if you are a student to make some extra income for you but i wouldnt recommend doing this full time .Sometimes they dont need extras on sets so making this your full time job is not recommended.

To become an extra at Scandal you can go to their offices in Jhb and they will give u a form to fill and you will be called if they need extras on their sets .For other soapies its best if you find a agency because They work with agencies only .

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