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Uzalo: Mamba can see that Nomaswazi is up to no good, but Nkunzi has taken her lightly

Mamba can see that Nomaswazi is up to no good, but Nkunzi have taken her lightly, because she is a girl, Nkunzi is very proud to kill Nomaswazi's father and the way he taught Vika lesson, he is thinking that he is untouchable, but he didn't know that Nomaswazi is very smarter than Vika, see how she hijacked a cigarettes trucker that worth 4 millions.

Even now Nkunzi does not know what happened and people think he might be a responsible for it, so he thinks that a Sbu and Njeza are responsible because they were working for him, Nkunzi he will be worried the moment he starts to realise that Nomaswazi is responsible, because it is not easy even Njinji and Vika were surprised thinking she will get caught by police.

Mamba and he is afraid if Nomaswazi will discover the truth because he knows very well that if the truth comes out he might also be in trouble because it seems Like he also involved.


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