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Let's be real Musa Mthombeni is the luckiest man on earth look at his Wife absolutely Beautiful

Musa Mthombeni compliments his wife on Twitter and people react badly, some were even against him and couldn't hide their jealously.

Recently Musa Shared a tweet 'Goodness Gracious, You are my wife vele?

Which opened a huge discussion about his wife being beautiful and his fortune, some were happy for him and some were not.

Who's Musa Mthombeni

If you are a 1980s or 1990s kid you definitely might have seen or heard of Yo TV on SABC 1. Musa Mthombeni was one of youngest television presenters in early two thousands (2000s)

Musa Mthombeni is a South African television presenter, broadcaster, Host and MC known for popular shows like Yo TV, Trending SA and Many More. Unbelievably Musa is quite educated and respected in academic field. Musa is an qualified Medical Doctor, The famous doctor was born on April 22 1990 in KwaZulu-Natal.

Musa successfully went being the coolest kid in high school to a coolest doctor ever, his bubbly personality has led him to being genuinely adored by his fans and followers but mostly woman.

Let's be real Musa is probably the luckiest man on earth, he's married to a former Miss South Africa,The most beautiful women ever to wear Miss SA crown Liesl Lauren Mthombeni

His Career and Net Worth

Musa is one of the Richest doctors and popular doctors in SA, his net worth has reached over 2 million US Dollars now do the math.

Here are some of the most beautiful photos of Mrs Mthombeni :

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