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Road Accident

Popular Amapiano Artists Involved In A Freak Car Accident. Find Out How Amaroto Survived This one

First It was Mpura and Killer Kau involved in a fatal car accident, now it's Zuma and Reece Madlisa. The Amapiano nation is in trouble

News doing the rounds and rumors have led many to belive that Amapiano star Reece Madlisa was involved in an accident.

Reece who was popularly acquainted with late amapiano stars Killer Kau and Mpura( Lost their lives due to a tragic and very fatal accident earlier this year) is one whom many now view as their 'Amapiano Messiah'.

A video detailing the accident was posted on his Instagram story,whereby a Mercedes Benz Vito and Toyota Bakkie were seen wrecked.

Hundreds and thousands of people have died on the Roads due to car accidents and it is high time our government did something to ensure the people's safety on the roads. Safety measures at any cost to ensure that no one else dies because of reckless drivers out there.

Sadly videos of people (especially celebrities) circulate, trend and do the rounds of those celebrities being taken in for drunken driving we all cry foul and complain about them being mistreated, exploited and roughed up, why so harsh; forgetting that they put the lives of their passengers as well as other road users by driving under the influence of alcohol. We need to hold each other accountable, especially our friends.

However, the sad thing about Roads/Car accidents is that no matter how much people try to drive safely, sober and adhering to all the safety rules as well as sticking to the speed limit, with a roadworthy car in perfect or mint condition and following all the Road signs, there'll always be reckless drivers out there on our roads putting other's lives at risk.

We have suffered ans lost so much and many of our brightest stars this year.

Love and light to their families ❤️🕯️🕊️

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