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Remember Popular Rapper Tupac Who Was Shot Dead 24 Years Ago? See What His Burial Ground Looks Like

Great musicians make up the Hollywood entertainment business, and they consistently generate high-quality tunes for people to love. Without acknowledging the Black-Americans who controlled the Hollywood entertainment business from the 1990s to the present, the music industry's prosperity cannot be explained. Because of their distinctiveness and lyrical meanings, the Hollywood business is the most popular entertainment sector in the world, and many people like listening to their songs. 

Picture of his mother:

Amaru Tupac Shakur was a prominent American rapper who died in 1996. In 1971, he was born into a Black-American family in New York City. He was named after Tupac Amaru, a notable emperor of the last Incan Empire who was executed in 1781 after failing to overthrow Spanish power. His mother claimed that she chose the name for him because she wanted him to have a revolutionary leader's name rather than a common name. 

The night he was shot inside his black cadilac:

His mother's name is Afeni Shakur. He also has a half-sister named Sekyiwa, as well as a step brother named Mopreme Komani Shakur. Tupac was also known for his roles in gangster films, including "Juice," which he featured in in 1992. Tupac was assassinated in the streets of New York after being shot four times by a black Cadillac automobile. 

Pictures of his burial ground:

He was transported to the hospital for treatment, but he succumbed to internal bleeding and died. Most of his songs are still well-liked by people all over the world after his passing. Even though it has been 24 years after his death, his grave site has stayed intact and is constantly cared for and decorated. Tupac Shakur is still revered around the world as a legend who paved the way for the current generation of black rappers. 

Which of his songs do you enjoy hearing the most? Please share your thoughts with us.

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