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SA Silent Millionaire: Check Out A-Reece’s Net Worth in 2021, the Cars and House He Spends On

A-Reece net worth(Image Source)

A-Reece is one of the wealthiest South African rappers, with a net worth of $3 million. During fourth grade, his older brother, a rap artist, introduced him to music. Since then, the young star has dominated the music industry, gaining acclaim both locally and internationally. A-Reece began his professional music career at the age of 16, releasing many mixtapes to enhance his net worth. Following the financial success of his debut studio album, ‘Paradise,' he became a household figure in the music industry. 'Couldn't,' 'Mgani,' 'Safe Haven,' and 'Masquerade Party' are just a few of his hit tunes.

How A-Reece Made His $3 Million Net Worth

A-Reece launched his music career in August 2013 with the release of his debut mixtape, "Forever King." He was signed to RawX/Mythron Records at the time, and he released a number of Extended Plays through the label, including ‘Browniez.' In 2016, he shot to fame after releasing his debut single, "Couldn't," starring Emtee, through Ambitiouz Entertainment. During his time with the label, the rapper grew to notoriety. Following a tense feud between the two parties, he quit Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Since establishing himself as an independent artist, A-Reece has worked tirelessly to increase his net worth by releasing numerous full-length projects with millions of streams. In March 2021, he released his sixth full-length album, a mixtape named "Today's Tragedy, Tomorrow's Memory," on Platoon. It was well-received by his admirers, and as a result, it charted in more than ten nations. A-Reece is believed to be worth $3 million after a successful music career.

His music career prowess has earned him a slew of awards in recent years. He won the South African Hip Hop Award for Lyricist of the Year in 2016, making him one of the youngest songwriters to do so. In January 2021, he was also nominated for the MTV Africa Music Award for Best Fan Base.

A-Reece Amassed a Bulk of His Net Worth From His Music Career

A-Reece, whose true name is Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge, has ruled the South African music industry for almost a decade. He began writing and recording music while still in fourth school. His brother, Phologo Jogo Mataboge, often known as P-Jay, was an inspiration to him. He is one half of the B3nchMarQ music duo. A-Reece is 24 years old, having been born on March 27th, 1997. At the age of 16, the hip-hop musician attracted the notice of PH Raw, a South African record producer who signed him to his RawX Productions label.

In 2015, A-Reece signed with Ambitiouz Entertainment. The next year, he released ‘Paradise,' a critically acclaimed debut album. It reached the top of the iTunes list within 24 hours of its release. P-Jay, Amanda Black, and Emtee were among the musicians who contributed to the record. It also generated a slew of popular singles, including Emtee's "Sebenza," "Mgani," "Zimbali," and "Couldn't." Despite the fact that A-net Reece's worth was projected to skyrocket as a result of the album's success, Ambitiouz Entertainment reportedly paid him R20,000 each month.

Despite being booked for live performances every week and his songs receiving millions of views on the Ambitiouz Entertainment YouTube channel, he was paid the agreed-upon sum. As a result, he left the record label and has been successful in the music industry ever since. He was considered one of the most streamed hip-hop musicians in South Africa in 2018.

He is a Co-founder of Rubberband Records

A-Reece created The Wrecking Crew with Mashbeatz, Wordz, Ex Global, and Mellow after leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment to become an independent artist. Following the departure of some members, it was renamed Rubberband Records. In 2017, he released his sophomore album, 'From Me to You,' on the record label. As his debut studio album, it was also a hit. It has been in the top ten Hip-Hop South African charts on iTunes for three years in a row, with millions of downloads and widespread exposure.

A-net Reece's worth was subsequently increased as a result of his revenues from collaborations with other musicians. He hasn't revealed how much money he's made from his music since being self-employed. In 2018, he collaborated with Wordz and Ecco on the album "L3" (Long Lost Letters). The following year, the hip-hop superstar teamed up with Mashbeatz for a second joint album, dubbed "Reece Effect." 'Honest,' 'We Both Know Better,' and 'Last Resort' were among the album's hit singles.

On March 26th, 2021, he published a mixtape titled "Today's Tragedy, Tomorrow's Memory," as well as a number of EPs over the years. 'Browniez' (2014), '1997/03/27 [The Best Things in Life are Free]' (2015), 'CUTaways' (2016), 'Gwan Big Up Urself' (2018), and 'And I'm Only 21' are some of them (2018).

The Rapper’s Controversy With Ambitious Entertainment 

A-Reece, B3nchMarQ, Fifi Cooper, and Flame left Ambitiouz Entertainment after a series of financial issues with the label. The squabble turned into a nasty brawl that was broadcast to the world. The rapper addressed the subject in his song "Loyal." He said that despite having a verbal agreement with the record label, he was never offered a contract, as the label had promised.

Also, regardless of how much money he made from his profession, he was only paid R20,000 each month. As a result, he has accused Ambitiouz Entertainment of abusing his youth to deprive him of the fruits of his labors in previous years. The record label took down A-Facebook Reece's page and music videos from their YouTube account after he left.

A Look at A-Reece’s Other Income Sources Besides Music

In addition to earning from live performances, music downloads, and music sales, A-Reece has gathered his current net worth from other endeavors, including endorsement deals and appearances in commercials.

Ad Appearance  

The ‘Safe Haven’ crooner, in 2018, featured in a commercial for a betting company, One of his songs, ‘Gwan Big Up Urself,’ was used as the soundtrack for the advertisement, which gained a broadcast during a soccer game in the English Premier League that year. Even though how much he pocketed for his appearances in the commercial is yet unknown, A-Reece must have surely added a substantial amount of money to his net worth with the advertisement deal.

Clothing Collection

Additionally, A-Reece launched an online Reece Effect clothing store in 2020 named The clothing collections have been modeled by his girlfriend, Rickelle Jones, since its launching. Having gained a massive fan base, A-Reece’s net worth would definitely experience an upward movement in the coming years.

Endorsement Deals

The ‘Honest' rapper has continued to position himself for greater success in the music industry since leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment. He was able to do this via perseverance, hard effort, and drive. With his celebrity, the rapper has been able to secure endorsement deals with well-known companies. In 2020, one of his admirers revealed that A-Reece has been working as a brand ambassador for the Vans shoe company. He had been seen wearing the brand's shoes for quite some time.

Furthermore, the Grammy-winning rapper is claimed to be a brand ambassador for LVMH's Hennessey. This occurred as a result of him releasing a video on social media displaying a bottle of Hennessy with an envelope bearing his name alongside it.

Highlights of A-Reece’s Income Streams

  • Music career
  • Ad appearance
  • Clothing label
  • Endorsement deals

What Car Does The Music Star Have?

A-Reece net worth(Image Source)

Many of his followers expected him to show off his fancy car collection after the young rapper's remarkable success at such a young age. A-Reece has resisted flaunting his money on social media networks, much to their astonishment. As a result, the number of luxury cars he keeps in his garage remains unknown, while he hasn't said whether he owns any at all. Unlike many other musicians who brag about their automobile collections on social media, A-Reece has chosen to keep that area of his life secret.

A-Reece Owns a House in Johannesburg

A-Reece is said to have spent $1 million of his net worth on a beautiful property in Johannesburg in 2019. He bought the mansion for himself and his merry band of wreckers, known as The Wrecking Crew. In the house, he and the rest of the Rubberband Records group reside together. The mansion is claimed to have numerous balconies as well as numerous bedrooms and baths.

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