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Zodwa Wabantu finally showcases her new younger boyfriend: “Love keeps on finding Zodwa”


One person that has mastered getting in and out of love is Zodwa Wabantu and she’s not afraid to live her truth with her fans. Amazingly, Zodwa continues believing in love, even though she has been hurt numerous times and even had public breakdowns due to her taste in men. Nevertheless, the reality star doesn’t want to back down from the department of “umjolo” as she feels that she deserves to love and to be loved. Zodwa has been controversial when it comes to her taste in men, as she loves them young and inexperienced. However, this route hasn’t been working out for Zodwa as she’s failing to hook “Ben 10’s” in her love life. As they mostly treat her as some kind of sm*sh and run woman.

The flamboyant businesswoman still offers numerous perks when she enters into a new relationship. As she’s able to spoil her bae with everything he needs and this allegedly makes her become some sort of sugar mama. However, Zodwa doesn’t care about what other people say about her as she’s constantly publicizing her love interests. This time around, the Mzansi socialite has revealed her new “Ben 10” by the name of Olefile Mpudi better known as Ricardo. As the new couple shared a superb video clip of them all lovey-dovey during their pillow-taking sessions. As they gazed into each other’s eyes and having a time of their lives. This got to show that love looks great on people and Zodwa has realized that as she constantly keeps falling in love.

However, it hasn’t been an easy road with Ricardo as reports were stating that he had a girlfriend who reportedly tried to expose his man’s plans about Zodwa. As it is believed that he was in it for the money and vibes that the dancer brings to the table. Nevertheless, it seems like Zodwa is well aware that her boyfriend has a partner outside their relationship and she doesn’t mind as long as she gets his time. 

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Date: 18/10/2021

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