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Will Emma reveal the truth about Zithulele?The River [Opinion]


The character of Emma from telenovela The River has had a lot of twists which were parts of the story line.All credit goes to Lunathi Mpofu for always delivering Emma so well.From her being paranoid on the past episodes and trying by all means to get Lindiwe’s attention,which made her to do things that were uncalled for.The presence of Nomonde was a wake up call for her indeed in every situation there’s a lesson that one needs to learn.

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For Emma it was a wake up call for her to decide as to what she really wants to do with her life.Other than the status of being a wife to Zolani, and being a mother she wanted to go out there and create her own name outside the Dikana’house hold.The twist in her character was unexpected.Let’s give a big round of applause for the producers and writers of the telenovela for touching such a sensitive issue.A lot of women and men are victims of rape in corporate places.

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Emma being raped by someone who is trusted by Lindiwe whom Lindiwe claimed that she knew on top of that he came with his wife.Little did they know the he was a devil in disguise.Emma’s dream and enthusiasm has been stolen and went down the drain by this act.What is sad is how the rape stigma is taken especially on females, as if it was their fault by asking what where they wearing and all the irrelevant question that get asked.See the link below:

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It is ironic how everyone is living their lives perfectly without noticing Emma’s change.Which is excruciating for her as she can not share her pain with anyone.Her husband see her as a rebel and someone who doesn’t care about their family.This is how most of people around us fight the unknown battles and yet no one can clearly see and be able to help them in time.This a reminder to always be kind and to pay more attention to our loved ones when they act out of character.

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Will Emma reveal the truth about Zithulele?Will they believe her in her family?Kudos to Lunathi Mpofu for being able to portray this role so well which makes everyone to feel Emma’s pain she is really gifted.

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