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VIDEO: Podcast and Chill with MacG had a great interview with Skeem Sam star Clement Maosa

MacG was chilling with Skeem Sam star Clement Maosa and on the other side it was Solphenduka. It was a great chilling moment to learn about Clement and what he has been up to lately. He has his own difficult times, which he later realizes how bad they are, because when he was young he did not realize the bad encounters of his journey.


With MacG and Solphenduka, it cannot be about the sad times of life; they will go through the happy times, which are good. MacG wanted Clement to flex about his current lifestyle, but he did not want to do it at first. He has three cars for how he has planned for his life and what he will be doing. Every vehicle has its own function and engagement.

He uses the Bakkie for going to his farm, the other he did not mention, assuming it is a seven-seater. It is for travelling to his gigs, and the last one he uses for work and when he attends to other errands, as when he went to the Podcast and Chill with MacG. That is flexing on its own but does not conform to how he has explained it to MacG, Sol and chillers.


Through out the interview, MacG repeatedly stressed how Clement's life journey has been very tough and heartbreaking. That is the other reason why MacG started the podcast, to tap into something that others have not been able to do and give people a good time to share anything that has happened, from bad to beautiful.


Losing parents while you are still young and having to go through hate from the other side of your parents' family is very difficult and just the worst amount of hate you will go through. When you are not doing well, you expect to be helped, but you must endure your family hatred's because of what your parents had. But someone you don't know becomes more of your parent.

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