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More Stress For Musa Mseleku as this happens?


Mzansi is convinced that MaNgwabe, Musa Mseleku's third wife, doesn't like this whole polygamy thing anymore. This is after last night's episode where Musa was dragged away for not feeling sorry for his wife, who admitted that she and the children were sick. 

Uthando Nes`thembu topped the trend list again as the family dynamics and drama at the Mseleku household grow even more intense. The episode began with MaNgwabe, who showed Musa's demeanor after her unfriendly request. 

MaNgwabe told Musa that she and the children were sick, but insisted that she prepare a meal for the whole family. 

Musa has been criticized for his blatant portrayal of poisonous masculinity when he refused to cook food himself. But they also called MaNgwabe because she had reacted as he had reacted to Musa. Viewers were concerned that she might be a missing child, literally. 

A woman calling herself MaNgwabe's defense attorney struck Musa: “Your wife and children are sick and in pain. All you want to do is dine and party on eNextdoor.

What will Mangwabe and the children eat? You can't even buy takeout and hang out with your wife. And you are surprised by her attitude. Haisuka maan sies. "

@pattieGatyi compared Musa's treatment to that of his two wives MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe and said it was not the same:" But did you notice that Mseleku does not pressure MaKhumalo because she is always at work, she even mentioned it ? her that she eats fruit or buys food stalls. Why can't the same be done, Ku MaNgwabe? "

@ AmandaZuma7 said that MaNgwabe no longer loves Mseleku," MaNgwabe no longer loves Mseleku, akanayo nje respect her husband. "

Another noted that MaNgwabe Musa can no longer bear:" Who else cannot bear scenes with Musa and Mbali? I have the feeling that she cannot stand her husband ”. 

@MihlaliMat thinks MaNgwabe doesn't feel loved anymore. "I think Mangwabe thinks Mseleku loves him less compared to other women and she is right." 

MaNgwabe recently made headlines after being accused of sabotaging Tira's handbag. The Daily Sun reported that the two had fought over reserving makhadzi for events since she was in Durban.

Makhadzi was supposed to appear at the Mangwabe event, but two events were also booked for Tiras at the KZN: Nsimbini Lifestyle, Efolweni and Prince Lounge 21. 

But MaNgwabe mentioned that Makhadzi "would not appear." but maybe meet and greet her fans ”. 

“The word touchdown on the poster and the time she would arrive at Maqaqa (11 am) should shed light on the fact that she was not booked for a performance. When the controversy surrounding her visit to M.E.L. It started, MaQaQa management held a conference call with Makhadzi and her manager in which the decision was made to withdraw her visit. "

" MaQaQa Exclusive Lifestyle is committed to the highest professional standards and we are committed to maintaining good relationships with our customers and advocating for all stakeholders. We distance ourselves from accusations of "false advertising" and urgently warn against the discrediting and humiliation of our brand.

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