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Simz Ngema supports Tino in new business move

Tino Chinyani announced today that He will be launching a brand new single titled 'nothing for free'. Tino Chinyani is using the stage name 'Tiyani Afrika' which is the brand He and Simz have created for their son.

Simphiwe Ngema supported her baby daddy in his new venture. She also posted the picture and link to her social media pages. The song will be released on the 10th of December but it is available now for pre order. The track features Scooby Nero.

Both Simz and Tino used the hashtag #NFF which in short is nothing for free. We're not sure if Simphiwe posted this to support Tino or whether she is doing advertising because she is also the co-founder of the brand Tiyani Afrika and it is just a business move.

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