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GogoSkhotheni: People Want The Show To End After This Happened, See Here

There is a discussion that is happening right now on social media and the viewers have made it clear that there are certain things that threw them off about the show.

It was expected that there would be some reaction about what happens in the show, but there is one question that keeps coming up and that is if the show is real or not.

When it comes to reality shows, people have expectations, they do not want to ever feel like they are watching a soapie when they are watching a show like Gogo Skhotheni, which totally understandable.

However, it seems like the complaints have not stopped, after the latest episode, people took to social media to mention that this is becoming too much because they are able to tell that what is happening in the show is staged.

People can see the drama that is happening, but they find it very unnecessary and they fail to understand how Monde is so calm about what Tumi is doing to him.

As you might have seen, this time around Monde had every reason to just lash out and walk out the minute Tumi was disrespecting him in the presence of Sbu, who is the husband to be.

But, he was just there, watching as Tumi tell him that she is going ahead with what she said she would do, which is to take Sbu as her second husband.

Some people have mentioned that there is muti that is involved, hence Monde was acting in the way he was acting, but some just see the whole thing as an act and they demand that the show should just end.

The mixed reactions on social media have led to a conversation about how some of these modern Sangomas are doing reality shows just for the bag.

It seems like people strongly believe that Tumi is just in it for the money and nothing else, but one would ask then, what about her reputation?

When people see her, they probably see someone who is using ancestors to get her husband to do what she wants.

There is just so much that has to be said about Tumi and the show and one can only imagine where this will all end because the viewers people are not happy with how everything is going.

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