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Sfiso Ncwane's Widow Ayanda Reveals That Her Husband Was Poisoned

It is so painful to lose a husband. It was a tragic death. He was a good singer. He did not deserve to die. Apparently since the death of her husband she no longer eat at events, wedding and parties. She will arrive late to avoid the meal time. This shows that it is hard for her to forget about what happened to her husband. She really cannot get over it. People were suprised about it. They keep on asking her why is she not eating?. Her response will be that she can only eat if she saw who prepared the meal and how was it prepared.

She is living a difficult life. It shows that she does not trust anyone. She only trust herself. When she comes over your place ,she does not want food. We should not blame her. The world is no longer safe for any of us. People are cruel out there. We all know that her husband died from Gastrointestinal disorder but according to her there is more to it. She was tired of people asking her the same question everyday and she ended up telling them that her husband might be poisoned and that resulted in his death.

She is in so much pain. She will never forget about it. She will never trust anyone. Although other people think she is dramatic but she is right. Mostly of people trust wrong people. They trust people and end up getting hurt. You should not trust anyone including your blood. This days the world is cruel. It is turning into a nightmare. Someone you trust can be the same person who will plan for your downfall tomorrow. Be careful of the people around you. Not everyone around you want to see you happy. Others are just getting close to you so that they can get more information about your life. Some people cannot stand other people's happiness. Now Ayanda's children are growing up without a father because someone out there decided to end his life.

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