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Generations the legacy: Fikile is ready to take on the world again.

Fikile, the ex wife if Ben. Her career was damaged by her best friend by she didn't got caught. Lucy diale has been the very hardcore criminal and a selfish person in the generation the legacy who could do anything to save her skin.

Lucy is the well known shebeen queen in Alexandra. She has been involved in a very dangerous business, the drug businesses but she quits that business and focussed on shebeen.

She fell inlove with a person younger than her and they even got marriede, then after that she became very responsible and lived a straight life.

She stole the jewellery at the launch for her friend Ang got away with it. Her mother took all that money and donated to the charity. When Lucy was doing that she said to her heart she us paying revenge.

Then Fikile lost everything just because if that. She was almost got to jail as she was suspected if insurance fraud as evidence showed that she stole the jewellery.

Her husband left her and took all the children with him she became very vulnerable and she even gone deep to the alcohol.

Now she starting again to do her jewellery business. She doesn't care what people will say. She us just back to the business to prove a point.

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