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HouseOfZwide: Mzansi reacts to how Faith sleeps at night after killing MaZwide


The death of MaZwide has really left House if Zwide viewers heartbroken, she was one of the most loved characters on the show. People fell in love with her kind heart and how she loves her family, she is always the one who brings her family together every time things seems to be falling part. We saw h9w there is a lot if drama in the Zwide family band she was the one who ends up bringing peace bto the family, she even treated the maid of the house with lots if love and she was really a kindhearted person. MaZwide really brought a lot of peace and happiness in the Zwide house and she was Funani's biggest, now that she is no more this will be very hard for him considering his had his relationship with his father is.

Faith might have permanently shut MaZwide from revealing the truth, but how will she live knowing that she killed her husband's mother. Will she be able to live with this secret forever or she will eventually break down one day when this secret becomes more overwhelming for her. On last night episode we saw how she couldn't cope as she reminded herself his she killed the poor woman, will she be able to live with this heavy secret or it will become to much for her. It looks like Faith is willing to so anything to make sure that Ona's true identity doesn't come to light and she is even prepared to kill to make sure that thus secret stays hidden.

Viewers that Faith is only feeling guilty now but once the funeral is over she will get back to normal, after all thus is not the first time she has committed a crime it's just that this time she had tingwts her hands dirty. To think that she is busy comforting Funani knowing very well that she is the one who killed MaZwide is really sad, Funani has been sleeping with his enemy for years now and its only a matter a matter of time before he finally sees the truth.

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