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Gomora-2022's saddest episode of any soapie. Mzansi left in tears

Gomora viewers watched a scene last night that brought them to tears as Buhle Ndaba was killed. Buhle got killed in front of her whole family and the community of Gomora watching. Not only was this the best scene but it was also the most emotional and saddest scene for anyone to have watched.

Buhle had been missing for months after she was kidnapped by Qhoqhoqho who has been seeking revenge on the Molafe family. Together with some other girls Buhle got traffic and was used as a sex slave paid through dosages of drugs.

On Thursday she managed to escape from being sold to an international buyer but her victory was short-lived as she landed in the hands of another dangerous man. As her exit on the telenovela, Qhoqhoqho managed to finish her off in public yesterday.

Buhle was killed in front of her family, in her escape she got a lift that left her at Gomora taxi rank where she got kidnapped again by Qhoqhoqho's goons who hid her in a taxi. As Qhoqhoqho arrived to get her, her family saw her and she started running towards her mom and Qhoqhoqho shot her.


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