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OPINION - Ghanama in style, not Gangnam style

Makhadzi is proving to be SA's real makhadzi. Just two days ago she released a new single 'Ganama' which has already hit 121k views on Twitter alone, more than 100k on YouTube and #15 on trending for music.

Critics were having none of it though. While many feel the single needed a Monada touch, some think it perfect, so they celebrated it, and actually acknowledged the work she has done both for her fans and SA music as a whole. Apparently it gets difficult coping with the pressure of fans wanting new music all the time and, some perform well under such circumstances, but it is worthy of noting that not all do. For that reason a handful of artists release a single(s) ahead of an album debut to give their fans 'something to hold on to'. Ganama might just be one of those, and a sign that Makhadzi, is on demand,

In other news (just kidding). Another person on demand is Jermaine Cole famously known as J Cole. To put it clearly, it is easy to think that J Cole is financially average by the way he carries himself on the media, well, his new single, Jackie featuring Bad and Lil Tjay suggests otherwise. It is currently sitting on +900k views on YouTube and #22 on trending for music.

By now you might be thinking we are trying to compare the two. That would be grave flaw. Instead the crowd reaction considering how both singles are performing is interesting. Jermain recieved positive feedback whereas Makhadzis' was more negative than not

The omnipresence of the internet allows us to participate virtually on a global scale to the extent that we might lose sight of our very own blessings. When Gangnam style came out it took the world by Force, now we need to Ganama (lay-back/relax). But you take your pick!

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