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Woman Tells Rea Tsotella She Hates Her Daughter Because Of How She Conceived Her

Bishop I Makamu the host of Rea Tsotella on Moja Love channel 157 found himself emotional while doing what is probably one of toughest episode he has ever done, having to deal with an emotional situation he was facing on the latest episode that was aired on Wednesday, surely every veiwer who was watching was also emotional while watching.

A 21 year old young woman by the name of Zodwa wrote complaining that her mother does not love her, she has never loved her and forced her to drop out of school at the age of 14, she even kicked her out of the house and she ended up staying with an abusive boyfriend who used to beat her up even when she was pregnant.

"I want your show to help me get answers from my mother, I need to know why she hates me this much as her child, she was never a mother to me to a point that I even think maybe she is not my biological mother, she has to tell me who my mother is.

"There.was a time where my shack burnt down and my mom kicked me out even when I had nowhere to go, I had my first child when I was fourteen year old, I really need to k ow why she hates me this much, what is that I've done for her to hate me this much," she said.

After having brought the mother in, she broke down into tear while telling the reasons Why she doesn’t love her own child, she revealed that she was raped and coceived her, she has a her over her because she never planned to have her, she raped.

"I can't talk about this infront of my daughter, it will break her, I was raped when I was fourteen, a man who was asked by my mother to take me to school raped me and I fell pregnant, I couldn't tell my mother, she was too strict, she kept asking me how I fell pregnant, but I never told her," the mother said.

She later agreed that she will tell her daughter, and when Zodwa was brought in, she told her everything and they both broke into tears, they hugged and promised to make paleace, they said they will start building a mother daughter relationship and bury the hatchet and start a fresh.


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