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You don't age, what's up| Concerned Dj Tira fan asks, here is why.

It seems that Dj Tira is blessed with those looks and the ability to still look how he did in the previous years. He is 45 years old and approaching into the 50s and still he looks as young as ever and it's like time on his watch is at a stand still, there is no difference in pictures between himself in the past 5 years and now.

He recently posted some pictures of himself at an award gala where in his comments one of hus fan was do curious as to why he doesn't age. Here are the pictures that Dj Tira posted on twitter until one twitter fan commented that, "you don't age, why is that ".

He still looks like a young man in his twenties and it looks like his not even ready for some 50 year old, his skin care routine seems to be doing the most for him, or is it the money?because money has the ability to change a lot of things and make the impossible become just as possible.

Here is another picture of him.

After the comment on his picture a lot of comments came up as to why he doesn't age.

Its because of his diet his not into alcohol that much even though his a celebrity he limits his alcohol intake that is why his skin still looks young and flawless, so if you want to look fresh like Dj Tira don't drink too much.

It is because of the money.

He goes to the gym to exercise and rejuvenates his body.

It's because of make up, some shared that if he was to take out the make up he will be Malum DJ Tira.

Here are the comments that were shared on his picture justbas screenshot from twitter.

Source : Twitter social media platform

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