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DiepCity: Nox's family problems taking a toll on her friendships

Nokuthula Jele is one of the main characters on the telenovela. However from the beginning of the show Nox has unlimited problems. Her mother instructed her little brother Sibusiso to follow them not knowing Nokthula and gang are house robbers. On this day Sbusiso was killed and Nox's mother blamed Nokthula for her brother's death. After she got released her mother chased her out of the house brutally and her friends had to take her in.

Nokthula searched for employment but she wasn't employable as Mgedeza her gang boss made sure none hires her. However her ordeal influenced her to start her own spares business. Although they had the spares business the girls helped Mgedeza with a few robberies where in one of them they stole 500 thousand.

Nokthula used the money to pay off her mother's death and recently they had Sbusiso's tombstone erected. It seems as though the girls always have to rescue NOx out. At this point Nokthulas father is arrested and she needs 50 thousand to bail him out. Nox didn't hesitate but asks her friends for help, and they told her they could only help with 10 thousand. Nox was livid as her friends didn't even give her half the money required however haven't they helped her enough.

Nox's father is worse he didn't tell the police when he witnessed the crime. However Nox is selfish in all of this, her friends always get in trouble because of her. They must always help her. This time around Nox needs to fix her family problems by herself and stop involving everyone in her matters.

In real life there are people who never get enough of your help they will never appreciate what you've done for them and will always expect you to do more. This is exactly what this character portrays. Friendships or even relationship shouldn't be exploited, sometimes other things are just your responsibility. Probably Nox will do something bad to get her father out of jail but atleast she wouldn't be involving her friends.


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