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Imbewu|Nkululeko Wants Zola To Leave Zithulele For Him While Baby Nozi Gets Kidnapped.

Life has never been easy for the Bhengu family from the start. It all started with the real paternity of MaZulu and Ngcolisi's children to the long lost son of Ngcolosi, Nkululeko.

The hate between Nkululeko and Zithulele started right when they found out that he is a Bhengu and a biological son of Ngcolosi. The two have at it long before their father passed and it got even worse when it got a woman involved. The woman involved is none other than Zithulele's wife Nokuzola who slept with Nkululeko and that resulted to her getting pregnant.

Zola has been nothing but drama since she terminated her first pregnancy with Zithulele and got things worse when she got pregnant with Nkulu's child behind her husband's back.

The truth about who Nozi's biological father is out and Zithulele is not about to forgive his wife. Nkululeko puts more fuel to the fire when he wants Nokuzola to end things with Zithulele for good and be with him but Zithulele has already made a decision to end his marriage with Zola for good.

Zola wants nothing but to fix whatever is left of her marriage and make Zithulele let go of the truth about their child. Things gets even worse for her when her daughter is nowhere to be found. Baby Nozi gets kidnapped and difficult to be found.

There is one person that will feel guilty about the kidnapping and have a motive. It is no secret that Makhosazana wants the top chair and she is willing to go an extra mile to get there. Her relationship with Nkululeko will be threaten by his feelings for Nokuzola especially when they are found in a romantic position by Zithulele and the beginning of finding out the truth starts.

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