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Sbahle Mpisane receives backlash after bashing Sithelo Shozi on a Twitter space

Sbahle Mpisane is the sister of Andile Mpisane who was once in a relationship with Sithelo Shozi. Sithelo is a content creator and she recently used her large Instagram platform to break the news about her alleged abuse to her followers.

Sbahle remained silent at the time however she is speaking up now.

Musa Khawula, a gossip page on Twitter, hosted a space this afternoon and Sbahle joined. It probably was not a good idea as she is being torn apart on Twitter for her choice to defend her brother on a public platform. Shauwn Mkhize had chosen to only release a statement when the matter occured.

Of course there were various opinions about why she would even choose to speak about something that doesn't affect her in the slightest. I have to agree that speaking out doesn't help her brother, it only further victimizes Sithelo instead. It looks to have backfired.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, "Sbahle is a weird evil aunt. I fear want she said about Sithelo and her baby. The danger is always at your dads side."

While another user wrote, "That space was nonsense. Imagine a woman insinuating that Sithelo getting mistreated and physically abused is karma? Also Sbahle is nuisance. Shut that stupid space."

A final user wrote, "Sbahle is doing a terrible job, one minute "I'm not here to take sides" next thing "She slept with other people that's why she doesn't know the paternity" "

This whole things is getting messier and messier. It had seemed from Shauwn Mkhize's reaction that the family's stance was silence. I wonder if Sbahle was sanctioned to speak or if she was going rogue on a whim. Let's hope the backlash will end here before it gets too serious.

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Source: Musa Khawula's space on Twitter

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