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Meet 2 Media Personalities Whose Husbands Support Their Twerking Career on instagram.

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The majority of career women hope for a supportive partner. Jane Mena and Korra Obidi are two women in the media whose spouses are supportive of their twerking careers. 

Usiwo Orezinena was Jane Mena's mother. Jane Mena, a 28-year-old dancer/twerker from Delta State, Nigeria, is better known by her stage name Jane. On Instagram, the media celebrity is known for twerking in a bikini or with a bandana knotted around her waist. 

Jane Mena is a woman who is passionate about her work 

Critics are continuously criticising Jane Mena's career as a twerker in the comments section, but they don't realize that Jane Mena is married to a man who supports her work. 

Twerking by Jane Mena in various photos 

Jane Mena always posts videos of her twerking for her husband's braless, so the couple is unconcerned about critics' thoughts. 

In one of the videos, Jane Mena performs for her husband, who sits and watches. 

2) Korra Obidi: Korra and Jane have a lot in common, including husbands who are very supportive of their twerking careers. Like Jane Mena, Korra is from Delta State. 

Twerking Korra On Davido's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star 

Korra was targeted for more than her marriage to a white guy. She was mocked for pursuing dance and twerking as a job, and she is still being trolled. Critics on social media claim that Korra's actions are incompatible with African and Nigerian culture, but do social media critics' opinions matter if Korra has a liberal-minded husband who is supportive of her career? 

Justin Dean, Korra's husband 


No way, I'm afraid. Without a deal, two people can't work together. Twerking and dancing are Jane Mena and Korra's passions, so it's only natural that they marry someone who shares their enthusiasm. These women are really fortunate to have husbands that are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly despondently despondently despond 

@Jane Mena on Instagram 

Obidi Korra

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