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Sibongile Got Herself In Trouble After Zodwa Exposed Her After She Did This In #Gomora

Sibongile Got Herself In Trouble After Zodwa Exposed Her After She Did This In #Gomora

Zodwa deserves the best actress award please. Respect her art, we need to vote for her in #Gomora. Zodwa is Gomora, there’s no Gomora without her. She’s carrying the show with her broken English. Viewers are talking about the last scene of zodwa. The woman can act, she deserve the whole wards with no doubt.

"Is a scool of a child. She is only 16 years old. He is sleeping with our children Sir."

Today it was a spelling bee competition and Zodwa rock up and left everyone shocked after exposing Sbosh and Duncan. Duncan looks like a dangerous man but quiet. Zodwa exposing Duncan at the spelling bee will make Sbosh lose. Sibongile will blame zodwa. The whole show might have been stopped because of Zodwa.

Mother of the decade goes to Zodwa who looks today. Love how she loves her kids its true that a real mother holds a knife where it's sharp. I wouldn't wish for a step mom like Zodwa though, always saying hurtful things whenever she's angry haii no some wounds can't be healed. Zodwa is that spirit that we call enermy of progress. She just couldnt she wait for the spelling bee to finish. Zodwa standing up for Sbongile like that shows how much she loves and care about her but Sbongile will bad mouth mam Zodwa

The lover of things when Zodwa said "He's School of the Child". Sbosh is in trouble not only at school but also at home. She had a good boyfriend Stompie who was willing to wait for her until she's ready. She is coming from poor back with no parents but dating older man is wrong. I wonder if Zodwa, teddy and Stompie knows that no one matches with them on that show, natural actors.

Zodwa saw Sbosh in the car of Duncan but we might get disappointed. No one might not believe her, they always see her as the drunk crazy Zodwa. The only person who will believe Zodwa is Sompie only Stompie.


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