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Did MaMkhize just refer to Dr. Zweli Mkhize as his father?

Did MaMkhize just refer to Dr. Zweli Mkhize as his father?

Dr. Zweli Mkhize and her 'brother' Dedani, according to Shauwn 'MaMkhize' Mkhize, have settled their family quarrel.

In an Instagram post today, Royal AM owner and entrepreneur Shauwn "MaMkhize" Mkhize announced that she had resolved the family quarrel between her "father," former Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize, and his son Dedani Mkhize (19 May).


MaMkhize took to Instagram to share that as the "big sister," she took it upon herself to bring her "father," Dr Zweli Mkhize, and his son, Dedani Mkhize, together ahead of the family's festivities. Check it out.

As a big sister, I felt obligated to attend and play my part in bringing the family together ahead of the weekend celebrations. It pained my heart to witness my wonderful father, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, and my younger brother, Dedani, at odds, but today we have defied the odds and proven that blood truly is thicker than water," she wrote.

Over the "digital vibes" incident, Dr. Zweli resigned as health minister in August 2021. According to documents filed by the Special Investigation Units (SIU), Dedani got R3.4 million in cash payments from receivers of some of the contract's earnings. MaMkhize reports that Dedani returned all of the money to the SIU.

I'm delighted Dedani did the right thing by returning all of the money to the SIU and letting the police handle the situation. When all is said and done, family takes precedence above politics. We are blood relatives, and we owe it to ourselves to be our own peacemakers at all costs. "She continued," she said.

MaMkhize remarked in another post that she can't wait to receive her new sister, therefore there may be a marriage in the family.


Many people may be surprised to hear MaMkhize refer to Dr. Zweli as her "father." Is he, then, her biological father? Sipho and Florence Mkhize, the Royal AM owner's parents, died.

Florence, her mother, was an ANC councillor in eThekwini who died in 2008. In 1991, Sipho's father was slain by a police officer. The former health minister, on the other hand, may be related to MaMkhize because they share the same surname.

Dr. Zweli is the father of two children, Dedani and Nokulinda Horwood.


Family ‘politics’: Did MaMkhize just call Dr Zweli Mkhize ‘father’?!

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