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VIDEO: Former Big brother housemates who are a couple wishes you a good day

The former Big Brother housemates, who met on the reality TV show and became a couple, have wished everyone a good day. They have been out of the media for a long time, but now they have decided to come back and they are still a couple. It is wonderful how they have been off the media for a long time.

Most of the people who are couples and they have met on the show are making sure to be seen all the time. Others went to the show to promote what was not working for them because they could not get into mainstream media.With Mandla and Lexi, they are not into careers that would make them more famous or be seen in the media all the time.

Their Big Brother season was also fantastic and many people recall specific moments from it. Since they are back to the media, they may be seen more regularly and for what they have been up to all along since going of the media. It is wonderful at some times to be away from the center of attention and another way to do it is to stay away from the media.

When MacG went to the UK, he did not want to be contacted because he was having peace and no one would contact him for those entire days in Europe. Being in the media may not be good sometimes because you would not have privacy or be able to live a lifestyle without posting on social media. When you get married and you don't want the media, that is very good.

When you are going through problems and you want people to give you space to deal with your problems, it becomes a huge matter because you have already invited them into your life by broadcasting your wedding to the entire nation. Many people just want to enjoy life without being in the media, but they are being spotted all the time.

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