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King Of Thailand Likes Crop Tops And Skinny Jeans

The world has been shocked by how the King of Thailand has portrayed himself in recent times. King Maha of Thailand is often called a play boy King.

He took over as King of Thailand after the death of his father King Bhumibol who had ruled Thailand as King for over 70 years when he died.

King Maha has a love for fake tattoos which cover his body. He also has a love for dressing up with female clothes such as crop tops and skinny jeans.

The King has been spotted several times in the malls and airport where he was dressed up in crop top which are female outfits.

The King has also got a puppy which he frequently carries around with him which is pampered at high costs which are bourn by Thai tax payers.

He has had 3 failed marriages over the years.

Now what makes this interesting is that he is not a young King but an old one.

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