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"It Was Not Jub Jub Who Raped Me" Amanda Allegedly Reveals What Happened || Check This Out



After yesterday's roller coaster of Jub Jub revealing all the caskets that were hidden during his time, he was arrested. It was never thought that the well-known TV host of Uyajola 9/9 will unexpectedly receive such bad news. This is because later today he was unpleasantly welcomed by the news that spread over the country that Molemo had allegedly raped Amanda Du Pont For 2 years. This comes after he said that he has all the files of south African celebrities of which shocked the interview he had with MacG, who is the host of Podcast and chill.

Amanda Du Pont dropped a video of herself explaining how she felt in the hands of abuse by Molemo. This comes after Jub Jub revealed that the time when he was attending a party of a well-known celebrity of which he didn't mention by name. Said that the first time he saw Amanda Du Pont, he saw someone that could be smashed in a day as she was so easy to influence to have sex.

The picture above reveals that Amanda wasn't raped by Jub Jub allegedly as she reveals that someone raped her and as she mentioned that Molemo raped her. The people of southern Africa are still shocked by the blame Amanda Du Pont did to Jub Jub as her scandalous video she posted on her Instagram account made a rude blunder to Jub Jub gig.

It has now been alleged that Amanda Du Pont was lying when she said that Jub Jub raped him for the whole two years in the relationship. It is very much clear that South African women don't know what to say when they are files are bad files are revealed to the public as Amanda did to Jub Jub that he won't allow him. This can be said that the video which was created by Amanda was just a publicity stunt to Jub Jub so that he can be regarded as a rapist and now he has finally lost a Moja Love gig of Uyajola 9/9.

What is your intake on this and why?

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