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Tshidi Is Running Out Of Options, She Decided To Use Muti To Control Moroka Household

Generations The Legacy

Tshidi is one of those dangerous woman who will do anything to get what she wants. When she came back she was so Desperate for protection. She decided to ran to Kabisi. The old man was desperate for love and she fell for her. Everything lead to another though they tried to warn him about her. Tshidi wrapped Kabisi around her finger. Everything that she said he was okay with it. Mazwi decided to leave the family company and start his own because of Tshidi.

Ever since she became the CEO nothing has been going well in the company. She is busy trying to sabotage Mazwi. Everything started to fall apart when Kabisi got sick. She went behind his back and get him a kidney. They killed an innocent person because of a kidney. Tamryn lost her life and now she is a ghost. Kabisi is going through a tough time and right now she wants nothing to do with her.

She tried to apologise but it is not helping her. She decided to visit a Sangoma for help. She was given a Muti that she can use to control them. Mazwi does not like Tshidi and he warned his uncle about her but he did not listen. Kabisi is paying the price of her sins. Taking someone's organ without their knowledge is always a problem. They will always haunt you until you do the right thing. Tshidi is becoming desperate of being Moroka. Visiting Sangomas might not help him. Kabisi is fighting a spiritual battles and it is powerful. She should just go back to be with Gaddafi ,they are perfect for each other. They have the same personalities. She has done a lot of damage and it is about time it comes to an end. She has lost the battle.


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