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Fans Demand to see Katlego Maboe Back on Their Screens as they are Tired of Seeing Elena Afrika.

Katlego Maboe's scandal really ruined his career.

• This resulted in him losing almost all of the job titles he had worked really hard for.

• However, there's one particular job that fans feel like he should be given back as no one can do it like him.

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Some time last year, Katlego was involved in a scandal where he was accused of being unfaithful to his wife and this was all recorded on video.

The video ended being online and instantly went viral as many people were in disbelief that Katlego could do something like that. However, not only did the video catch the attention of thousands of South Africans, it also caught the attention of Katlego's employer's.

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Katlego was therefore suspended from his presenting gig at, The Expresso Show on SABC 3 and also removed from the TV adverts he used to do for Outsurance.

However, his fans seemed not to be to pleased that is still not back on their screens as they once demanded for him to be brought back. They are even more upset because it seems like Outsurance has replaced Katlego with Elena Afrika who was Katlego's co-host on The Expresso Show.

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Katlego's fans started the, Bring Back Katlego Maboe petition and it has already received just about 74 600 signatures in order to get Katlego back on their screens.

The petition was apparently started by Lindy KaMahlobo back in October 2020 just after the scandal that ruined television Katlego's career came out. It's main intention was to make Outsurance and Expresso change their minds about taking Katlego off air.

Photo cred: News24

In the petition, Lindy apparently wrote a message to encourage people to sign it so that we can get Katlego back on our screens and reads as follows:

Is Katlego Maboe not allowed to have a personal life? I am not condoning his behaviour of not being faithful to his partner but this young man is human after all and I feel this woman took their internal bedroom or home affairs to the outside world of which it doesn't concern us and it doesn't concern his work as well.

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Lindy carried on and said that if Outsurance doesn't bring Katlego back this petition will be signed by South Africans to boycott Outsurance until you bring the poor guy back on our screens again.

Many fans of Katlego on social media supported what Lindy was saying as they also said a few words on the matter. They were also upset over the fact that Katlego was fired from his jobs because of something private matter between him and his wife.

Photo cred: SowetanLive

However as of recent, Katlego's fans are even more upset as they are questioning whether Outsurance decided to replace Katlego with Elena Afrika in it's TV adverts.

Here's what some of Katlego's fans had to say:

@ZinhleGums asked whether Elena Afrika was the new Outsurance girl or not. The Twitter user seemed very confused as they thought that Elena and Katlego were friends and couldn't understand how Elena would accept the job when people were petitioning to get Katlego back on it.

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@kandiskardash said that Outsurance replaced Katlego Maboe with Elena Afrika.

@GreatlyGifted21 asked what Outsurance was doing with the Elena Afrika ad campaign. They carried on and said that the ad campaign looked like a cheap, waterred down version of Katlego Maboe's ad campaign. They finished off their tweet and said that Outsurance should have left the adverts as they were after they removed Katlego from them.

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@GrossTurmoil put it out straight and forward and said that they wanted Katlego Maboe back on their screens.

Lastly, @Official_Paledi said that they are very loyal to Katlego Maboe and even used Katlego Maboe's catch phrase from the insurance company's adverts to make a joke. The Twitter joked around and said that they just changer die ding ya TV channel whenever they see any Outsurance ad without Katlego.

Photo cred: The South African

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