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VIDEO: Bathu owner gets a warm welcome at his sneaker building


The Bathu sneaker owner gets a warm welcome at his establishment today for the great work he has done. He has given a lot of people a good space to be within his establishment, and now they are enjoying a better and more beautiful life because of the good work he did.

Bathu is a lifestyle amongst many people within the country and they are looking cool because of a sneaker made by a proudly South African individual. It is good that they are celebrating his wonderful times while he is still able to see everything and how positive an impact he has made as much as they are loving his presence.


He is happy for the honour from everyone within the building. He also received a good speech session while still in front of the reception. He started something that is not just about him making people happy, but about everyone who is out on the streets embracing the Bathu culture.

He is a wonderful person and that is why he is getting a surprising appreciation and he was expecting to be at work. The environment is much better and the Bathu culture is growing very well, and the nice part is that they are also pushing a local movement.


Response under his tweet:

1. Mpiki: Congratulations, Mr. CEO, and greet my brother and neighbor, David Moshe Malope.

2. Ndabe: Great team with a great leader.

3. Miss Green: This proves that you are a great leader. Keep it up.

4. Tlotlo: I found myself smiling all the way through watching this clip. It feels like I was there with the team.

5. Advertfire: so many young people smiling. I love it.

The response is not only positive coming from people who were in the building, but also from everyone who got to see the view clip, and it shows that in everything that you are doing, it must be good for everyone you love. He did not have so many words when the appropriation was given to him.

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