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[Opinion]Buhle counted her chickens before they hatched: Miss Gomora 2021


Sometimes being overconfident about something might cause you to loose it even if you had a chance of winning it.Buhle from the telenovela Gomora is the example of this.From the first day when they were planning the pageant she saw herself as the winner,and the rest of the girls just followers.Which is not wrong but once it’s overdone it becomes a problem,Buhle had already seen herself as Miss Gomora 2021 but forgot to take the competition serious like Tshiamo did.

Photo Credit:Mzansi Magic Twitter

Buhle’s personality is not the same as Tshiamo’s and she is always on the forefront while Tshiamo is always on the background.Maybe Buhle misjudged Thsiamo and thought she can over power her.Little did she know that she was busy preparing and taking the pageant serious, for her it was another challenge that she needed to overcome even though she wasn’t sure if she was going to win.Many are times whereby Tshiamo wanted to drop out of the pageant as she suffered from low self esteem, and there was Buhle who made sure that she leaves no stone unturned in adding to Tshiamo’s fears.See the link below:

Photo Credit:Mzansi Magic Twitter

Even if you know that you can do something in your sleep but having a respect for it and putting some effort to it can make a difference.The writers and producers of this telenovela are showing how dangerous it is to be overconfident about something and take it lightly.Sometimes all you need to do is to show some respect and put an effort towards something even though you know that you are good at doing it.

Never let your fears discourage you from doing something out of your comfort zone.Tshiamo did something that was out of her comfort zone.Sometimes it’s all about taking that one step to the unknown and you might be surprised of the results of taking the same step.Tshiamo has won for many young girls who have the issue of low self esteem ,and it is the duty of parents to make sure that they speak words of affirmation upon them to boast their confidence at all times.

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