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The Du Pont Sisters Are Breathing Fire

Amanda Du Pont's circle of relatives buddies and supporters are coming out in their numbers to reveal her help. She needed to do one of the most hardest matters which became percentage her abuse ordeal with the arena. All 1 million visitors of her IGTV all believe Jub Jub has a whole lot of explaining to do and need to be cancelled.

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After her emotional video in which she famous that she allegedly suffered abuse from Jub Jub for two years, her sisters took to social media and placed Jub Jub on blast.

Amber-Kayleigh and Adele-Kim Du Pont did no longer mince their phrases when they positioned the Uyajola 9/nine host on blast. They were left appalled once they noticed their sister crying after having survived alleged tried homicide and rape for 2 whole years.

Amber-Kayleigh Du Pont cussed Jub Jub and said he is dried out and irrelevant. She also said that folks that support Jub Jub are a part of the hassle, “All I will say is that Jub Jub is a vulnerable piece of s*** who just wants clout due to the fact he's dried out and irrelevant. Imagine having to spread lies and use Amanda’s call just to get perspectives.

“Jub Jub is a rapist, assassin, abuser and liar! If you help him you're part of the hassle.”

"Breaks my heart that you have to hold revisiting any such tough time for your lifestyles. But I am so pleased with your for speaking your truth sis. I stand via you sis and all of the sufferers of that clown ass fool."

Kim Du Pont is saddened by means of the notion of losing her sister as it'd have allegedly been taken via her former lover.

"My sister to pay attention you speak out and permit the arena recognize what occurred to you makes me so unhappy. A chapter in your existence I idea you'll in no way ought to revisit. To understand that these guys felt gratification slandering your being as in case you are an object enrages me to the factor of no return.

"To think Jub Jub almost killed my blood. You make me ill! You don’t deserve to name your self a man nor are you worthy of a non violent existence. You almost took mine from me for what? You lie a lot you don’t even know what fact is anymore! Your cowardly movements are pitiful and revolting."

Kim also took intention at Mac G for not doing sufficient and for always apparently bashing ladies.

"I experience sorry for you and Mac G you are not anything better. With your platform you can’ve carried out good however alternatively you’ve chosen to tug women and it is easy to see the pleasure in your eyes whilst speaking about matters which could break a person's life. You are the bottom level of a human. My God works extra time and he’s coming for you!!!!! The machine might have failed you the first time but no longer again. I STAND WITH YOU!!!!"

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