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South African celebrities who destroyed their own careers - OPINION

If there's anything celebville has taught us that no star is too big too fall. One minute a celebrity is on top of the world everyone adores them and their career seems unstoppable however no matter how beautiful or talented they are,It can all come crashing down in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it's due to the factors outside of the stars control and other times the celebrity completely self destruct in the public eye and takes their career down with them, while some managed to make a come back after a scandal many starts are unable to recover. Let's take a look at South African celebrities who destroyed their own career.

1. Nonhle Thema

The former face of channel O is the perfect example of how important it is that celebrities mind their manners on social media. Nonhle has litteraly paved the way for most TV personalities today. She was one of South Africa's first IT girls. Nonhle was one of the countries top Dj's, one of her biggest deals was with dark lovely when she replaced the singer Kelly Rowland to become the face of the brand. Her downfall was caused by her meltdown back in 2011,she took to Twitter to address her haters and raved about how famous and rich she was fans were put off by her behaviour and named her Diva and her star quality started to rapidly fail as a result.

2.Jub jub

Jub Jub was undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the music industry but all that dissapeared when him and a friend claimed lives of 4 children after a drag racing incident back in 2010. The two were found guilty in 2012 days after being released Jub Jub made a song for the country to forgive him called Tswarello meaning please forgive me.

Vinolia Mashego

In April last year the passing of Vinolia was a shock to many before passing. She revealed about her life on Jam Alley. Vinolia went through many phases in her life, there was a bubbly presenter on Jam alley. She was also a presenter on please call me and on Moja love in between life phases Vmash overcame the obstacle of surviving many years of unemployment and poverty after being fired from jam alley for her behaviour.

Zola 7

after more than 2 decades in the entertainment industry. Zola 7 is entertainment loyalty and he's definitely seen his fair share of the good and the bad and the ugly that comes with being in the spotlight. Over the years Zola had made headlines for all sort of reasons. Zola said in an interview that with fame, there comes alot of habit that people start to pick up and aren't used to them such as "Snow" such bad habits affected the music industry as a whole. After disappearing for 8 years Zola came back with a show hope for Zola. 

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