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MnakwethuHEA: "She is Samantha's karma" viewers react to Qondanisa's third wife

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After is a show on Mzansi Magic about men trying to introduce the idea of a plural family to their wives. Its extremely patriarchal and the reunion hosted by Musa Mseleku has been proving that.

Samantha is a viewer favourite but it didn't stop them from turning against her tonight.

Qondanisa is one of the men with a plural family, he has Sthokozile Mchunu and Samantha Mazibuko as his wives. His third wife MaZwide, was brought onto the show and she shook things up. The fiery sangoma and second wife was immediately in an uproar about it.

It was quite hypocritical to see her acting this way. I recall Samantha being careless and rude to MaMchunu upon her arrival. It seems she can't handle the heat and she is right in front of the stove. MaZwide was not one to be bullied either, with snappy answers ready, she stood her own against her sister wife.

Social Media Response

People were in hysteric about the new dynamic MaZwide will be bringing in.

One user wrote, "Low key bazalwane(people), MaZwide is Samantha’s karma #MnakwethuHEA"

While another user wrote, "Lol Samantha bethuna (though), she was accepted by Mamchunu and she's liked that. This is Karma guys. If u do that to others, it will be done to u too. #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter"

Personal Thoughts

I hate the idea that Samantha has to be feed this kind of medicine by an unworthy man. Qondanisa has no respect from his wives and he deserves the grief Samantha gives him. I don't know if MaZwide is aware what she is bringing herself into here but it isn't to a stable home. One wife is checked out and the other is capable of doing and saying anything to get her way. It sounds like something one would run from, bot toward.

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Source: MnakwethuHEA on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

MaZwide Mnakwethu Musa Mseleku Qondanisa Sthokozile Mchunu


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