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Meet your popular celebrities you did not know that live with lesbianism

Ariana Grande. Ariana's real name is Ariana Grande Butera, Grande is her mother's maiden name. She has been a controversial figure in the LGBTQ community ever since, her song 'monopoly' that came out in 2019. It actually raised questons to many people of wether or not the pop star , herself was bisexual . People were critizing her.

Demi Lovito. Her real name is Demetrial Devonne Lovato ,and she is an American singer and actress. The popular singer is brave when it comes to owning their sexuality , she is above all other things.

Halsey. 2020 was a breakout year for recording artist Halsey ,but it didn't have anything to do with her coming out of closet , she has been out for years . She is living her life .

Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's real name is Stefanie Joanne and professional known as Lady Gaga , she is a singer and songwriter. With her open minded performance style and massive LGBT fan base . It was shocking when the star was identified as bisexual, in 2009 interview with Barbara Walters.

Opinion. It seems like most people out there are living with lesbianism, bisexualism and so forth , but some are hiding themselves because they don't want to be charged. Sadly some are not say they are being killed especially gays . It is a good thing to see celebrities doing it publicly so that they'll learn and see that nothing is wrong with being part of LGBTQ community.

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