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Standing Ovation for Berry For Murdering Amanda Black "Power" Xhosa Part#IdolsSA #Top6

Congratulations to all the contestants who made it to Top 6. Berry brought all the “Power” to the #IdolsSA stage with her stunning performance of the Amanda Black hit. Berry's extraordinary singing talent and spirited flawless performances is always exciting to watch. I wonder where this lady has been all along. She isn't supposed to be even competing at idols, She is complete. Berry is doing very well in the competition so far , She Murdered that Xhosa Part unexpectedly.

This year's Idols SA doesn't not sell well with some genres and this season with dance and all this tarven music songs, is really sabotaging the contestants. I know we wanna celebrate local music & genres but the format of Idols aint for that. But what's really nice about the competition this year is that it's really tight, there’s no obvious favourite.

Okay! Kevin was doing what he's capable of he's giving us goosebumps , beauty and all that an idol should be. Kevin made sure that we all knew who’s calling the shots – Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” gets another life and a makeover. 

Nqobie, if you sing like that, nobody is going, anywhere! A great performance of Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave". The song says please don't leave me but Nqobile didn't even shown a little bit of agression just acting the song out but she sang great though. 

Some of the praising tweets for Berry. 


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