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Flabbergasting Details About The JubJub And Amanda Du Pont Story

We're referring to the infamous Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont's story about Kelly Khumalo, in case you haven't gotten the hint yet. Everything you need to know about the infamous Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont saga, from the very beginning to the present day, is right here for you to read.

"Podcast and Chill" host MacG reminded us that in the early 2010s, Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont "dated," if that's what you want to call it.

Amanda du Pont explained her relationship with Jub Jub following her interview with MacG.

According to Amanda du Pont's emotional video, Jub Jub had allegedly sexually assaulted her for two years while they were dating, leading her to have an abortion. That's because she was terrified of both Jub Jub—who allegedly threatened her—and his mother, whom she accused of using "muthi," or black magic, to harm her.

Amanda du Pont didn't leave Jub Jub after she saw a picture of him with Kelly Khumalo, as he claimed, contrary to what he said. When Jub Jub attacked and strangled Amanda, she left him.

Many women are subjected to gender-based violence every day, but they cannot leave because they are afraid and have no one to turn to. The Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont's story reminded us of this reality.

After revealing her side of the story to the world. Many of Amanda du Pont's friends and family members took to social media to express their support for her while also expressing their displeasure with Jub Jub and Mac G.

After Amanda du Pont accused Jub Jub of raping her, she went ahead and filed suit against him in court.

As the story of Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont developed, Kelly Khumalo, Jub Jub's ex-girlfriend and the baby's mother, came forward and accused Jub Jub of physical and emotional abuse.

While he was still dating Amanda du Pont, Jub Jub began seeing Kelly Khumalo. In the end, their romance did not have a happy ending like Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont's

On the tense podcast discussion. When Jub Jub accused Kelly Khumalo of using "muthi" on him, Kelly Khumalo explained that if Jub Jub had been sober, he would not have left Amanda du Pont for Kelly.

This is because of our connection. Despite having a son together, Kelly Khumalo has allegedly banned Jub Jub from seeing Christian for the sake of protecting her son.

He finally apologized to Kelly Khumalo in February 2022 for the "muthi" accusations he had leveled against her in February of that year.

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