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Mzansi Calling Sthembile To Leave Sakhile With Immediate Effect After He Embarrassed Her Live In Tv

Mzansi Calling Sthembile To Levae Sakhile With Immediate Effect After He Embarrassed Her In #MinaNaweHouse 

Source: Hashtag #MinaNaweHouse Twitter page

Sthembile got in a heat conversation with Ayanda over the food which was cooked by Sthembile. It's like the whole team did not like her food people couldn't even eat because of was out inside. All on one pot Cabbage, feta cheese, milk, carrots, eggs...all in one pot? People could not even describe it because there no taste.

I feel like Sakhile tells people that Sthembile is his "forever young" aunt. Sthembile lets herself be disrespected by a young man who is her son's age because she lost respect for herself a long time ago.Fear of being alone will be the end of Sthembile.

Sakhile said it in front of everyone that his girlfriend cannot cook and he was also angry at her food which he also did not eat. Sakhile was caught touching and kissing girls at the party they had last week but he does not seem like he is sorry.

Sakhile must be the worst boyfriend in the world. How do you talk like that? Sakhile his just acting his age this magogo she's just fighting a loosing battle. Sakhile does not love Sthembile his only here for money only. I swear Sakhile is only here for the money Ben 10 never goes out of his way to justify something more than once. 

uGog Sthembiso makes me sad. I feel like she’s never experienced true love and that’s why she’s holding onto Sakhile. Sthembile will have to make peace that Sakhile will always be attracted to his agemates. Sthembile must just settle for her age mates. Sakhile is young and is busy chasing the sun until it set. Sthembile will always have asthma. Sakhile is only a child that still want to enjoy life. no matter how much Sthembile can say about respect he will never any words from him.

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