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Theft robbery

Olerato betraying the Khozas? Brutus might be not right about Olerato

Olerato is the new added member of the Khoza family. She is the daughter of Kgosi the brother of Harriet Khoza. Olerato was introduced to the family and her father left het in the capable hands of his sister. Harriet left to the North West to visit her mother who is reported to be sick.

Olerato was left in the capable hands of uncle Brutus and Shaka Khoza. Olerato was hijacked while driving Shaka's car that had their "merchandise". The Khozas are drug dealers, they use their logistics company as a front. Shaka had to deliver Dollar's order but with the car gone there's nothing to deliver.

Brutus has suspected Olerato of stealing of their drugs. On last night's episode Brutus pulled a gun on Olerato in trying to make her to talk of where their merchandise is.

However who will save Olerato from Brutus we all know when it comes to the family business Brutus doesn't trust anyone. It was deported that Connie Ferguson has returned to the set, do you think she'll be the only one who will rescue Olerato from Brutus.


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