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Watch Video: Rasta In Chicken Lickin Advert Leaves Fans In Stitches

Rasta is one of South Africa's well known artist that has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, and his fame did not just come because of his talent of painting, it is actually because of how his paintings come out when finished.

He is mostly known for painting portraits of celebrities of South Africa and presenting his art on Social media platforms, with people mocking him as his art does not look the same as the celebrities he's trying to paint.

Recently, Chicken licken South Africa posted their new advert featuring Rasta.

In this hilarious advert Rasta is submitting his Sketch artist application to a certain police station. when he puts his application form on the dest, the captian who is doing interview with him start to daydream.

On his daydreaming, it appears as if Rasta has got the position of being a sketch artist and is doing his job of drawing suspects as per victims memory, but the results of each sketch make the police arrest the wrong people every time.

Every time Rasta sketch a suspect, the police come with someone who is believed to be the real suspect, but when they compare the sketch withthe suspect, the drawing is completely different and hilariously ridiculous.

One time Rasta attempted to draw was drawing a suspect and on the police station the captain is addressing other police officers and when they saw that the suspect on the sketch looks exactly like their captain, they jump out of the chairs to arrest the captain who is really shocked by these actions.

The captain shakes of the daydreaming and hilariously rejects Rasta's application.

This left many people in stitches as they realised that Rasta's artist is seen in that way by Chicken licken and he agree to do the advertisement.

The comments section flooded with funny comments. See the video and the comments below and do not forget to like and share this article.


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